Archive of JIll and Rich in The Morning Lounge

In case you missed it, here you'll find links to past shows, Jill and Rich in The Morning Lounge.


March 18, 8:00 a.m. hour

March 18, 9:00 a.m. hour

March 21, 7:00 hour

March 21 8:00 hour

March 22, 7:00

March 22, 8:00

March 22, 9:00

Jill with Will and Anthony Nunziata

Here's the show Will and Anthony made their second appearance on.  Hear them sing(with Rich on piano), a bit of "The Prayer" live!!

April 4, 7:00

April 4, 8:00

April 4, 9:00

April 11, 7:00

April 11, 8:00

April 11, 9:oo

April 13, 6:00

April 14, 6:00

April 18, 6:00

April 18, 8:00

April 18, 9:00

April 22 6:00

April 22 7:00

April 22 8:00

April 22 9:00

April 25, 8:00

April 25, 9:00

May 4 6:00


May 4 8:00

May 4 9:00 (New Bpbby Darin}

May 12th, Nicolas King Hour!!

Ariana Savalas drops in to the Morning Lounge

Carole J. Bufford stops in to the Morning Lounge





Listen to Music

SONGLIST for Rich and Jill

A good sample of the many songs we do, both as a duo, or as a trio.

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