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The Morning Lounge with Jill and Rich/Thank you!

Posted on July 30, 2014 with 0 comments

So I think this radio gig is gonna stick. Five months in, and the terror of doing something we’ve never done before--producing and hosting a LIVE show five mornings a week--has subsided, and we’re starting to experience some hugely rewarding moments. 


There have been those days when the music and the content and the listener phone calls and our patter just flow as if we actually know what the heck we’re doing. There’s the new-found ability to laugh it off when all of those elements go totally and ridiculously wrong. Maybe you caught it last week when Andy Williams’ It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year began blaring from my laptop (I forgot to mute after doing some very important research for the show!) as I was talking over the ramp of the scheduled song, and Rich was so alarmed and confused not knowing where the holiday music was coming from, he just turned everything off on the board for a few seconds. Yep, that happened, and instead of abject horror, we just made fun of ourselves at the next talk break and moved on. 


Oh, and tell me who on this earth doesn’t LOVE fine dining and dancing and singing along to a seventeen-piece orchestra in the company of Legends 100.3 listeners who enjoy it as much as you do? The Benvenuto’s “Big Band Night” was a blast, and we can hardly wait until the next one. 


Then there was the meeting this month with one of our Legends Radio contest winners who told us that she wakes up with us every morning, and it’s been helping her better deal with the loss of her husband. She’d been feeling very lonely, and she said she felt a sense of kinship with us, as the Great American Songbook is the music she and her husband loved and had performed together for many years like Rich and me. Wow.


This radio gig is turning out to be so much more than trying to put on an interesting, entertaining, community-focused, morning show, and all we can say with great humility is a huge, heart-felt “thank you.”