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Jill and Rich: Blog

The Morning Lounge with Jill and Rich/Joy Ride

Posted on June 20, 2014 with 4 comments

Greetings from the Morning Lounge with Jill and Rich! 


What an amazing and terrifying adventure (aren’t those the best kind?) joining the Legends Radio team as on-air personalities. Now that we’ve caught our breath a bit, a blog seems like a fun way to share the behind-the-scenes ride... So come on, hop in!


It’s been an eventful week:  We moved into the gorgeous, brand-spankin’-new Legends 100.3 studio; gave away lots of movie tickets for The Jersey Boys VIP viewing on the 26th; hosted the 2nd annual Palm Beach County Band Camps fundraiser at BB Kings where we swang (past tense of “swing”?) with one of the swinginest (a word?) drummers EVER, Duffy Jackson; and dealt with the fallout of having our car stolen right out of our driveway last week. 


There’s no denying that being the victim of grand theft auto is at first shocking, then majorly inconvenient, and finally hard on the wallet. But here’s the silver lining that’s always there, no matter what, if you look hard enough: 


I, Jill, got to watch (rather smugly, I admit) Rich learn his lesson. For almost eighteen years of marriage, I’ve told him, to no avail, not to leave the keys in the car. “You’re not on the farm anymore,” I’ve said ad nauseam. “You can’t possibly think it’s OK to leave your valuables in an unlocked car with the key under the seat?” I’ve shrieked in utter frustration. And as endearing as his naivete is (and one of the many reasons I fell in love with my man from rural Kinsman, OH), after having lived in South Florida for thirty-three years and watched plenty of local news, me thinks his naivete has long-expired, and stubbornness has set in.


Which is exactly what the darling Sheriff’s officers told him in so many words when responding to the call... as did our insurance agent... and the Florida Highway Patrol officer who recovered the car... and my mother-in-law, several times, God bless her... and anyone else we told about the incident. Ah, the sweet smell of being right. 


That is until we got in the car to drive it home from the tow yard. OMG THE STENCH! I don’t know, nor do I want to know, what five juvenile delinquents did on their joy ride in the less than twenty-four hours they had the car, but suffice it to say, I have not stepped foot back in it. Even though Rich has had it professionally cleaned, then cleaned it again himself, left the windows open, placed several of those little air fresheners throughout, and promised me it’s much better than it was, I’ve still insisted we drive our other car. On this issue, Rich hasn’t been his usual stubborn self. There's that silver lining again.















June 21, 2014

Oh Tony, that's because you have such fancy cars!!!

Tony gates

June 20, 2014

Rich, Rich, Rich....I LIVE in Kinsman and I'd never leave my keys in my car no matter where I park it...even at Nancy's or at the local farm market!!!!

Deb Deb

June 20, 2014

You are such an eloquent and entertaining writer Jilly-bean. LOVE your story:)


June 20, 2014

So sorry about your car. It's a horrible feeling to be violated by having your possessions taken and abused.

The bright side, is your success and expanding audience on Legends Radio. We feel like we are a part of your world when we listen each morning. Keep enjoying all you do!